Razzle Dazzle Silverado

There comes a time in every persons life when you just have to stop giving a shit and not care. This can be towards life in general, towards work, towards education, towards the political system, societal mores and consumerism, etc.

In this particular instance it is with my pick up truck, which is a 6L V8 300hp 3/4 ton 2000 chevy silverado. I bought it off craigslist for $2900 bucks back in 2013, pretty much 3 years on the dot at this point. It had some rust and 245,000 miles on it. Now it has a LOT of rust and 268,000 miles on it. Since I just moved to Pennsylvania I had to get it registered and part of that is getting it through inspection. During inspection came the final nail in the coffin that confirmed that, yes, it is time to move on the truck has a sway bar which has disintegrated, the water pump is leaking, and both exhaust manifolds are cracked and the passenger side manifold is leaking. These are things that can’t really be replaced because there is so much rust on them that the bolts would literally have to be chopped off and drilled out.

So now what … basically get a roommate and start saving up for a new truck, and buy that truck from somewhere in the south where rust isn’t as prevalent. But for now – I have a truck that I don’t care about – so lets have some fun!

The design idea came from an artist I met once back in North Carolina who had an old ford F150 and he mentioned that he wanted to do a razzle dazzle paint job on it, and at the time I didn’t know what that was so after looking it up i thought it was interesting enough. So this thanksgiving break I spent most of my time in the garage doing this. It was a type of camouflage that was used in WWI for maritime applications to make it more difficult for u-boats to identify the direction of travel and speed of ships and aircraft carriers.

This is the truck before I started the razzle dazzle job, I took this set of images and then printed them up and penciled in the final design I wanted to go with:


From there the taping begins, I think I went through about 200ft of painters tape which was probably about $25 bucks worth of tape … that stuff is expensive but it definitely works. Prior to taping I detailed all the to be painted surfaces, this was the first time the truck had been cleaned in the 3 years I’ve owned it.


The taping took a lot of time and I used an exacto knife to make the finer corners, one of the challenging aspects of taping like this was with what I was trying to pull off with the design which is to imitate a geometric edge by having converging alternating black and white stripes. you can see this on the passenger side and the hood of the car.

From there came the fastest part of the entire job which was actually just doing the rattle can job. I put down two coats of gloss black rustoleum high performance enamel which came out really well. Before removing the tape the truck basically looked black – it was interesting seeing the opposite color of vehicle. The second coat is always tricky though because it’s not as obvious as to what areas you’ve painted and which you haven’t biggest issue there is either missing a spot or putting too much down to the point that you get drips or run out.




And finally, the removal of the tape – this took a solid hour and I ended up with a trashcan sized tape ball. But the finished product speaks for itself … for better or worse. driverssidefrontrotatedtg_rotatedroomf passsidedriverside


Pictures of the Day

Maynard James Keenan once said:
Some say a comet will fall from the sky.
Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves.
Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still.
Followed by millions of dumbfounded dip shits

He may have gotten the sequence slightly off because I feel like the last line has already come true and did a long time ago.

So to this end, here are the two pictures of the day.



WTF is this actually happening

This blog isn’t meant to be political and I’m not an expert but on my way home from work today I saw something in the news that pissed me off just a little more than normal and that was (drum roll please)  Trump’s old ass, orange coloured smiling face with his pathetically styled artificially implanted hair that attempts in vain to stay on his head in a way that actually looks natural much less good. It’s only the ten thousandth time I’ve seen this dumbass in the media in the last week but honestly I’m so sick and tired of it and am very disappointed that the american population actually made this hatefilled bigot the presidential nominee. I mean I guess it does seem like a brilliant idea to make an ugly, greasy, racist, hate filled, millionaire bigot who has no sense of service, no experience in politics, no clue as to what foreign policy even looks like outside of what’s published in fox news, and who changes his words, does not stand by his words, and does not follow through with what he says as being the next president.

On the other side we have an evil old bitch who is cutting deals with the pharma industry and maintaining a corrupt legacy of gaming the political system while tactfully exploiting the American people and saying she stands by them. She is so good at this that not only does she get away with it but the people fucking love it.

So this is idiocracy finally manifested. Ladies and Gentlemen, children of America it is time to leave. Sell your house and emigrate to Canada because the US is f’d in the A.

Meanwhile the CIA and NSA are screening every bit of data that is typed into a computer for people like me who are not lulled into complacency by media, consumption, and selfish ambition.

It’s time to wake the fuck up

this year November 5th will be on November 8th and it doesn’t matter who wins because we all fucking lose and we all did a long time ago.


Quote of the Year 2014

So it’s been a while since I’ve been on my blog … I guess I’ve had more important things to keep me busy. But I just got off work after spending 12 hours trying to reconcile what went wrong with my project and cast the blame on reasons other than the tool I was trying to make work, a thought came to me … there are two quotes since the year 2014 began that have not left my mind … they’re mostly insults but they suit me perfectly

So what is your quote of the year?

The year isn’t out so there may be other contenders but currently I’m vacillating between the two:

“… It’s a good thing you taught your son all these things otherwise he might have ended up like … he might have ended up like Mason!”

And the classic vegetarian angst when one asks for a vegetarian sub:

“No I’m not doing that, go fuck yourself and have a salad at the deli up the corner”

Gnumeric – Open Source Spreadsheet by Gnu

There are several open source spread sheet software available such as Open Office and LibreOffice. All have pro’s and con’s so to throw another option out there that specializes in cross compatibility with other spread sheet softwares is the Gnu Project’s Gnumeric.  Below is a screen capture of a gnumeric spread sheet I made in linux, saved as an excel sheet and then opened It in MS excel. Gnumeric also features similar keyboard shortcuts to that of MS Excel, the keyboard shortcuts are really the only thing that make a spread sheet actually usable, otherwise they’re slow and tedious to work with. In the future I will include a glossary of the best and most useful MS Excel shortcuts I’ve found thus far – these shortcuts can make the difference between grueling tedium and efficient work progress.

More information about Gnumeric can be found at their homepage. On linux and Mac the install is an easy one liner in the command line.


News Links

On the RHS column. Engineers and their TLAs … MGPTDB QTM PMMA QED ONG

F@#king Credit Cards

So I was just going to buy a pair of dress pants for work at a certain retailer which shall go unnamed, all I want is to get in, get a pair that fits

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