Tent Poles

If you’re like me, you enjoy backpacking and camping, but happens when you damage your tent pols … have your friend who is a mechanical engineer and just happens to have a lathe in his bedroom shave and drill a solid rod of stainless steel to fix the problem. But if you loose them you’re SOL so go here:

Tent Pole Technologies – 360.260.9527



Government Resources

Links to online government resources and information

USDA Calorie Tracker – supertracker.usda.gov

USDA Recipe Finder – recipefinder.nal.usda.gov

Governors – www.nga.org/governors

State Representative – www.house.gov

Government Resources – www.usa.gov and 1.800.FED.INFO

Voter Registration – www.eac.gov

Tax Information – www.irs.gov

Social Security – www.socialsecurity.gov

Public Transportation – apta.com/resources/links


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