Dia and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

In my general tendency to shotgun things: 1. add the following to list of awesome open source programs, and 2. The following link is to a good introduction to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, because I know how frequently you enjoy running NMR on everything around you. NMR Introduction here. 

Dia an open-source flow sheet program which can be used for compiling bare bone process flow diagrams, circuit diagrams, etc. Below is an example screen shot of an ethanol production plant. Dia isn’t the greatest flow design tool in the world but for the price I’d say it’s hard to beat and sufficient for a wide range of design problems. One other important note – save your files often as Dia can be buggy on certain

systems such as linux …


Dia can be downloaded from their main page


Day 4 … 91.29.44 – the continuum analogy

On site since Tuesday. How many days has that been? nights 3 – a normal human should get around 7 hours per night, hence around 21 hours over the course of roughly 4 days. Me? …. 2, 3.5 , 4.5  sequential requiring more of that most valuable resource – being able to find the optimization between lack of sleep and productivity. Of course other factors play a substantial role, stress and fear are probably the most dependent – a sense of urgency always gets the blood flowing, supplement that with massive quantities of caffeine, acetaminophen, adrenaline, and tobacco and you have yourself a recipe for super productivity. But the balancing act is like the edge of a sword – go to far get pushed to far and that energy will be converted to resentment, anger, despise. Lack of efficacy 168 … 56 …. 112 … use up 91.48.995 then what’s left … man where does it all go.

Personal note: physiologically speaking humans behaviour is not so much different from following patterns outlined in MO theory, everything is sequential, days are quantized, night and day show significance – light, stimuli, up and down but on and off. What happens when this cycle is disrupted – I would argue you have more of a continuum, every day smears into every other there is no distinction time and spatial cycles are disrupted, it can be modelled as a continuum manifested through the language of nature, that which we use to precisely describe everything around us: mathematics.

Time to break the continuum and return to sequential behaviour – 4 days … think that’s a new personal record. I remember in ’09 I pulled 3 days but no more. But happened back in ’09 …. memory lapse, …. benefits of quantization associative behaviour complements the associative mind.

Time to break it.

The Liberal Engineer

hour 85 …

Pulled the second all-nighter of this week, making deadlines like a boss – sometimes I just love the life of an engineer. Haven’t had a day off in the last month. I typically pack breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 days at a time when I come in to work, and generally steal a few hours of sleep on the office floor between 3am and 6:30am. Sometimes I wonder if all this is really worth it, then I remember: what else would I do? What stake do I have in anything but nothing, so jump in head first. We are the liberal engineers. …