Open Source Chemical Process Simulator

There are several complex  simulation programs available for chemical process simulation such as ChemCAD and Aspen however, these software suites are as expensive as they are convoluted, but the latter is intrinsic. However, the former can be reconciled! With the open source simulation software DWSIM – which can be run on virtually any platform and doesn’t coast a dime.

Real ChemE’s spend their Friday nights setting up these process simulations, you can even make a game out of it where if your simulation actually converges you take a shot and if it doesn’t you have to shotgun a PBR or something.


First Chapter of Thesis

It’s 0217 on 03/12/2013 11/52 … all I have to say is that for graduate students everywhere: Writing the first chapter of your thesis sucks and you should get it out of the way as soon as possible. By the time you initiate research and have developed your proposal you should compile all the literature and background into a rough draft first chapter because if you put it off like I have you’ll end up spending 10 days straight doing nothing but reading and writing at an agonizingly slow pace. However in the process one is forced to master the subject material to the point of explaining it to others which is the level of background necessary and useful during the initial steps of research. If it is done as an after thought then it will be a more tedious and arduous process, not that it isn’t anyway.