Virtual Desktops for Windows: Dexpot

Most unix based operating sytstems such as Apple’s Mac OS and the myriad of flavors of Linux have options for virtual desktops and have had them for quite sometime. However, Windows has always been behind the curve on this. Fortunately there is an option for those of us who prefer organizing their computer workspace with multiple virtual desktops and use Windows. I’ve been keeping an eye out for something like this for a while and never really like anything that I found. However, Dexpot is the ticket. Finally a program which does a good job handling  virtual desktops in Windows and is fairly customizable in terms of setting keyboard shortcuts, the number, location, functionality, and appearance of the desktops.  Another plus (well more a requirement if I’m actually going to bother using it …) is that Dexpot is free for personal use – not so for commercial use or multiple computers of the same person, but if you just have one Windows box, you’re good.


More information on Dexpot can be found at their website, here.