Gnumeric – Open Source Spreadsheet by Gnu

There are several open source spread sheet software available such as Open Office and LibreOffice. All have pro’s and con’s so to throw another option out there that specializes in cross compatibility with other spread sheet softwares is the Gnu Project’s Gnumeric.  Below is a screen capture of a gnumeric spread sheet I made in linux, saved as an excel sheet and then opened It in MS excel. Gnumeric also features similar keyboard shortcuts to that of MS Excel, the keyboard shortcuts are really the only thing that make a spread sheet actually usable, otherwise they’re slow and tedious to work with. In the future I will include a glossary of the best and most useful MS Excel shortcuts I’ve found thus far – these shortcuts can make the difference between grueling tedium and efficient work progress.

More information about Gnumeric can be found at their homepage. On linux and Mac the install is an easy one liner in the command line.



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