Quote of the Year 2014

So it’s been a while since I’ve been on my blog … I guess I’ve had more important things to keep me busy. But I just got off work after spending 12 hours trying to reconcile what went wrong with my project and cast the blame on reasons other than the tool I was trying to make work, a thought came to me … there are two quotes since the year 2014 began that have not left my mind … they’re mostly insults but they suit me perfectly

So what is your quote of the year?

The year isn’t out so there may be other contenders but currently I’m vacillating between the two:

“… It’s a good thing you taught your son all these things otherwise he might have ended up like … he might have ended up like Mason!”

And the classic vegetarian angst when one asks for a vegetarian sub:

“No I’m not doing that, go fuck yourself and have a salad at the deli up the corner”