WTF is this actually happening

This blog isn’t meant to be political and I’m not an expert but on my way home from work today I saw something in the news that pissed me off just a little more than normal and that was (drum roll please)  Trump’s old ass, orange coloured smiling face with his pathetically styled artificially implanted hair that attempts in vain to stay on his head in a way that actually looks natural much less good. It’s only the ten thousandth time I’ve seen this dumbass in the media in the last week but honestly I’m so sick and tired of it and am very disappointed that the american population actually made this hatefilled bigot the presidential nominee. I mean I guess it does seem like a brilliant idea to make an ugly, greasy, racist, hate filled, millionaire bigot who has no sense of service, no experience in politics, no clue as to what foreign policy even looks like outside of what’s published in fox news, and who changes his words, does not stand by his words, and does not follow through with what he says as being the next president.

On the other side we have an evil old bitch who is cutting deals with the pharma industry and maintaining a corrupt legacy of gaming the political system while tactfully exploiting the American people and saying she stands by them. She is so good at this that not only does she get away with it but the people fucking love it.

So this is idiocracy finally manifested. Ladies and Gentlemen, children of America it is time to leave. Sell your house and emigrate to Canada because the US is f’d in the A.

Meanwhile the CIA and NSA are screening every bit of data that is typed into a computer for people like me who are not lulled into complacency by media, consumption, and selfish ambition.

It’s time to wake the fuck up

this year November 5th will be on November 8th and it doesn’t matter who wins because we all fucking lose and we all did a long time ago.



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I'm an engineer, need I say more? Engineering isn't merely a profession, it's a lifestyle and worldview.

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