F@#king Credit Cards

So I was just going to buy a pair of dress pants for work at a certain retailer which shall go unnamed, all I want is to get in, get a pair that fits

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Graphics in Top Tiered Journals and Modern Academics

Just an observation and an opinion, but has anyone noticed that the use of colourful, three-dimensional and completely out of scale cartoons has proliferated substantially in high ranking (as well as lower ranking, but not as much) academic journals in the last 7 to 10 years?

If you read a paper in a lower tiered journal or papers from back in the good old days when the top of the line image processing program was MS Paint, you don’t see these fruity cartoons and schematics you see simple and usually meaningful plots and diagrams of data, chemical reactions, and experimental set ups.

Maybe this is just my take on it but academic publications have  become more visual to cater to the “there’s an app for that” type society that this world has become.


Monday February 11th 2013 1755 –  personal note, it’s another day in paradise same ‘ol shit different date, but I would like to say the control key has to be the most useful key ever invented …



Tent Poles

If you’re like me, you enjoy backpacking and camping, but happens when you damage your tent pols … have your friend who is a mechanical engineer and just happens to have a lathe in his bedroom shave and drill a solid rod of stainless steel to fix the problem. But if you loose them you’re SOL so go here:

Tent Pole Technologies – 360.260.9527


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USDA Calorie Tracker – supertracker.usda.gov

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